2 rescued Chilean miners need oral surgery

Two of the 33 miners who were trapped deep in a copper and gold mine in Chile for more than two months will need oral surgery to treat abscesses and other conditions, but most emerged in surprisingly good health, according to a story in Inland News Today.

The most serious health condition was a miner with pneumonia who will likely remain in intensive care for several days, Chiles Health Minister Jaime Manalich said. Others have skin problems or lesions in their eyes.

The dramatic rescue had classic story elements that will probably be turned into a true-life adventure movie.

Media experts noted that the news coverage might have been different if the accident had occurred in the U.S. and would probably have highlighted mining company violations or government regulatory failings. But the Chilean news media focused on the positive, in sharp relief to American disasters such as Hurricane Katrina.

The survivors' lives will never be the same, Inland News Today speculated. They will likely receive offers for book and movie deals, jobs, personal appearances, and speaking engagements.

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