Perio disease/pregnancy link disputed; what is microsonics?

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The research surrounding the relationship between periodontal disease and pregnancy is confusing at best. Some studies say a biological connection exists between preterm birth, low birth weight, and periodontal disease, while others argue the relationship has yet to be proved.

Now a new meta-analysis in the Journal of American Dental Association attempts to clear the air once and for all. But although the authors concluded that periodontal treatment during pregnancy does not reduce the risks of preterm birth and low birth weight, the debate appears to be far from over. Read more.

In other Hygiene Community news, have you come across the term "microsonic scaling" and wondered if it's a new technique you should familiarize yourself with? Caren Barnes, a dental hygienist and professor at the University of Nebraska wondered too. Click here to read what she found out.

Over in the Restoratives Community, the risk for bacteremia is greater following dental extractions under general anesthesia than local anesthesia, a new study concludes. While the causes are unclear, the risk factors should be reconsidered, according to the authors, who have conducted numerous related studies on this topic.

And in her latest Second Opinion column, Dr. Helaine Smith reacts to last week's FDA amalgam meeting with a suggestion that when it comes to patients' health, the dental community needs to broaden the scope of the issues it chooses to debate.

Last but not least, happy holidays to all of our wonderful DrBicuspid readers. The entire DrBicuspid staff wishes you and yours a healthy and prosperous new year!

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