Dental student wins $123K from soda company

The football-throwing abilities of a dental student from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) are helping him make a big dent in his tuition.

Casey Vidovich, a first-year dental student, won $123,000 through the Dr Pepper Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway, according to a story in the Las Vegas Sun. The contest took place on December 4 during the halftime show at the Virginia Tech-Florida State Atlantic Coast Conference game.

With about 70,000 fans in the stands watching, Vidovich threw nine of 10 footballs into a 2-ft-diameter Dr Pepper can to beat his opponent.

Vidovich learned of the contest from his mother, who encouraged him to submit a one-minute video that mentioned Dr Pepper and why he wanted to win the scholarship, according to the story.

The idea for his submission, which described the parts of the brain that become stimulated while drinking Dr Pepper, came to Vidovich while studying for his neuroanatomy exam, which he passed.

The money will cover about half of the tuition needed to complete the four-year dental program at UNLV.

Vidovich said he wants to practice community dentistry and do cosmetic procedures to make people more confident.

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