Dentist accused of burning patient while watching TV

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit claiming a dentist she went to in 2009 burned a hole in her lip while watching a soap opera during a dental procedure, according to a report by WLS 890AM.

The lawsuit, which seeks more than $180,000, claims medical negligence, medical battery, ordinary negligence, and spoliation of evidence because medical records were allegedly lost.

The dentist, Maria Loukas, DDS, says the accusations are "totally false," according to WLS.

Denise Hermann went to Loukas General Dentistry in Park Ridge, IL, in July 2009, according to the lawsuit, which was filed August 1 in Cook County Circuit Court.

Hermann alleges that while Dr. Loukas was doing a procedure on her, the dentist and at least one dental assistant watched a soap opera on a TV playing in the room and that Hermann suffered the burn as a result.

But Dr. Loukas claims Hermann developed a blister during the procedure, something that "happens often," she told WLS.

While there is a television in the operatory for patients to watch, Dr. Loukas said she does not watch TV while working.

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