U.K. dentist to lead 2012 Olympic Games dental team

Tony Clough, BDS, a dentist from Chelmsford, U.K., will lead the team responsible for the dental care of all athletes, backup teams, and officials at the 2012 Olympics in London, according to a BBC News story.

Dr. Clough, who performed a similar role at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, told the BBC that "the biggest priority is going to be emergency care like broken teeth and abscesses, which are going to happen among 40,000 people."

Dr. Clough's team will also provide routine checks.

The dental team will be based at the Olympic Park and two satellite clinics in Weymouth for the sailing and Eton for the rowing. Dentists will also be present at the boxing, basketball, taekwondo, judo, handball, water polo, hockey, and football events, the BBC reported.

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