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Do you have a question about this resource center or DrBicuspid.com? Feel free to send us an email or browse our FAQs.

Q: What do you mean by membership? Why is it required?
A: Membership is essentially the same as registration for a free account on other websites. There is no charge to register. We ask you to register so we can provide the site to you at no charge. We do this by selling advertising on our site that helps us cover our costs and pay our employees. By registering, you help us answer the No. 1 question our potential advertisers ask, which is: Who is reading DrBicuspid.com?

NOTE: At no time is any personally identifying information about you -- including your email address -- ever shared with any advertiser. All of the information is anonymous, aggregate data.

Q: How much does membership/registration cost?
A: It's free. There is no charge.

Q: Will DrBicuspid.com give out my email address or spam me?
A: No. When you sign up, by default you'll be added to our Letter from the Editor newsletter, our Spotlight list and Breaking News list. More than 90% of our members find these lists helpful, but you can always change your email preferences at any time by visiting your profile page.

Q: Who is DrBicuspid? Is it for dentists only?
A: DrBicuspid.com was started in 2007 with a desire to provide daily, relevant, unbiased news coverage in an online format. With more than 40,000 active members on the site and email list, it's become an important source of information and education for progressive team members. While we have "Dr" in the name, DrBicuspid.com is for all dental team members.

Q: Where does your news come from?
A: DrBicuspid.com has its own editorial staff who cover the dental industry on a daily basis. Their insight, perspective, and coverage is unique to DrBicuspid.com because it's not just a collection of stories aggregated from other sites.

Q: If I have a problem or question, how do I get help?
A: It's easy -- email support@drbicuspid.com and we'll be in touch soon. We try really, really hard to make sure you never wait longer than 24 hours for a response.

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