Dentists sue forensics expert; Canadian denturists group under fire

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Two Illinois dentists are suing an expert odontologist for allegedly defaming them after he included a rape case they testified in as part of a lecture he gave on how bite mark evidence can often lead to wrongful convictions.

Click here to read more about how the lawsuit reflects the growing controversy over the scientific validity of bite mark evidence.

In other news, government officials in Ontario, Canada, are considering appointing a supervisor to take over the helm of the College of Denturists of Ontario. If so, it would be the first time the government has stepped in to oversee a healthcare professionals' regulatory body in the province. Read more about why the college is being scrutinized by the Ministry of Health and why several students are outraged.

And a U.S.-based clear-aligner company is stepping outside of its core business with a new fundraising initiative designed to help improve the lives of people in need throughout the world. For its first Phase Out project, ClearCorrect is partnering with a nonprofit organization to help bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations.

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