Report highlights latest perio research; Calif. hygiene program shut down

Dear DrBicuspid Member, is pleased to announce our first Special Report, "Advances in Periodontal Research."

Exclusively devoted to information about the revolutionary changes that are occurring in periodontal research and what these advances mean for oral and systemic health going forward, the Special Report features four in-depth articles:

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Calif. hygiene program in trouble

Meanwhile, in other Hygiene Community news, a dental hygienist training program in California abruptly shut down last week over questions of accreditation, leaving its students -- many of whom had prepaid up to $45,000 for the three-year program -- wondering what to do next. Read more.

And a Massachusetts start-up is leveraging photodynamic therapy concepts originated by researchers from the Forsyth Institute to develop a device that uses blue light to selectively target pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, reduce biofilm, and enhance periodontal health.

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