Canadian dentist buys Elvis' 'spare' tooth

A Canadian dentist who paid more than $30,000 for one of John Lennon's teeth has added another oddity to his collection: a "spare" tooth made for Elvis that covered a gap between his teeth.

Alberta, Canada, dentist Michael Zuk, DDS, said his wife told him not to buy "another stupid tooth," according to a press release. But the auction for the tooth was tough to resist, he said, because Elvis and Lennon were important cultural icons.

According to Dr. Zuk, here are some strange dental facts related to Elvis:

  • The Elvis "tooth" is actually a piece of dental work, not his actual tooth.
  • Elvis' dentist kept spare porcelain caps on hand in case "The King" lost his crown.
  • At one Las Vegas event, Elvis chipped his crown and the dentist's son flew out with a spare.
  • Dr. Zuk has been asked to participate in a movie related to celebrity DNA, including a reference to Elvis.
  • Elvis visited his dentist on the day he died.

Dr. Zuk is the author of several books, including Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist and a children's book, Teeth Shouldn't Hurt.

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