Dental nonprofit expands into Africa

Global Dental Relief (GDR), a nonprofit organization that provides free dental care and oral hygiene education to impoverished children in Nepal, India, Vietnam, and Guatemala, is expanding into Africa.

Beginning in February 2013, GDR will hold volunteer-staffed dental clinics at the Kikuyu Hospital Dental Clinic, located in the hills outside Nairobi, Kenya. Each five-day dental camp will host up to 16 GDR volunteers, six dental professionals, and 10 nondental volunteers, who will work alongside the dental hospital's local staff. Clinics will see between 800 and 1,000 local school children, providing them with first-time dental care in a country that has 48 million people and only 750 dentists.

At the end of the Kenya clinic, volunteers have an option to participate in a four-day safari through the famous Masai Mara National Park.

GDR's mission is to provide free dental care to impoverished children in the locations that it serves. The organization recruits volunteer dental professionals who pay their own way to deliver care to children from charity schools, orphanages, and remote village locations.

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