Survey: Money concerns keep Brits from the dentist

Cost continues to be a major factor in how often individuals in the U.K. visit the dentist, according to Simplyhealth's seventh annual Dental Survey.

Simplyhealth, one of the largest providers of health insurance in the U.K., surveyed 11,785 adults and found that while fewer people are now struggling to find a National Health Service dentist, cost is still an issue:

  • 36% don't think that visiting the dentist is good value for money.
  • 54% are worried they won't be able to afford dental care in the future.

Simplyhealth also found that many patients are not given clear information about treatment or dental charges:

  • Only 27% have found that during their check-ups their dentist provides them with a written treatment plan that includes charges.
  • 48% haven't ever noticed that dental prices are explained by the dentist or clearly displayed in their dental practice.

In response to questions about oral cancer, Simplyhealth found that 70% of U.K. adults don't know any of the symptoms of mouth cancer, and only 28% would consider consulting, or have consulted, their dentists about any concerns.

And when it comes to caring for their oral health, the survey found differences between men and women:

  • 32% of men who have ever visited the dentist haven't done so in the last year, compared to 25% of women.
  • 22% of men who said why they didn't go to the dentist more often said it was because they believe that they can take good care of their teeth themselves or that that there is nothing wrong with their teeth. This compares to 16% of women.
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