Dos and don'ts for practice management: Broadcast your strengths

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What's so great about your practice?

Why should patients come to your practice? One of the first things Levin Group consultants do when working with a new client is to ask the following questions:

  • What is different about this practice?
  • What are its strengths?
  • What is the added value of coming to this practice?


Know your competitive advantages. All businesses need competitive advantages. For instance, look at what hospitals have accomplished in marketing. These days, we hear about a certain hospital's heart center, orthopedic center, etc. Each has defined a competitive advantage to try to stand out from the others. Dentists need to do the same. You can no longer afford to look like every other dentist.


Don't be too modest. You have to say what's great about your practice. Define why your practice stands out and then promote that difference in scripted conversations and any written materials about your practice.

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