ADA reports question economics of MLPs; will Europe ban amalgam?

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

Three proposed midlevel dental provider (MLP) models are not economically feasible or sustainable, according to a series of reports released today by the ADA.

The reports examined the economic viability of dental health aide therapists, dental therapists, and advanced dental hygiene practitioners in five states that are exploring the use of MLPs to ease access-to-care issues: Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, and Washington.

But a Minnesota organization that employs one of the state's -- and the nation's -- first dental therapists says its productivity data show this model can make economic sense. Click here to read more.

In other news, is a mercury ban looming in Europe? A new European Commission report recommends phasing out dental amalgam use by 2018, promoting the use of alternative restorative materials, and enforcing existing waste legislation to reduce the environmental impact of mercury throughout Europe.

Speaking of bans, a proposal before the New York City Board of Health to limit servings of sugary drinks to 16 ounces at restaurants and other public venues -- the first such proposal of its kind in the U.S. -- is expected to pass when it is put to a vote next month. Read more.

Finally, Dr. Ernest Lam, an oral and maxillofacial radiologist and professor for nearly 20 years, is passionate about his role as a researcher and teacher. In this new Leaders in Dentistry profile, he shares his thoughts on the need for more evidence-based dentistry, the pros and cons of cone-beam CT, and how younger radiologists are increasingly opting to go into private practice.

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