Xerox part of Texas Medicaid scandal? And, bitewings' death 'premature'

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

A subsidiary of Xerox that contracted with the state of Texas to process authorization forms submitted by dentists for Medicaid procedures is now under investigation as part of the state Office of Inspector General's probe into the Medicaid dental system.

Affiliated Computer Services is being audited for the way it handled Medicaid approval requests submitted by dentists and orthodontists -- just the latest twist in a scandal that has rocked the Texas Medicaid system over the past year. Read more in this latest Practice Management Community feature.

Meanwhile, over in the Imaging & CAD/CAM Community, just as Mark Twain commented about his reported death when reading his own obituary, news of the demise of the bitewing radiograph for detecting proximal surface caries is a bit premature, according to Dr. William Scarfe and Dr. Allan Farman.

And the latest installment of our popular Leaders in Dentistry series features John Buzzatto, DMD, president of the American Association of Orthodontists, who shares his thoughts on topics ranging from the impact of student debt on orthodontic job opportunities to reports of an increase in adult orthodontic patients and how to adjust your practice to better accommodate these new patients.

And Dr. Sheri Doniger puts a spotlight on the role dental benefits can play in a patient's decision to stay with your practice or leave it -- even after 18 years.

Finally, Dr. Marty Jablow answers a reader's question about which cements he prefers when working with all-ceramic crowns.

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