A hydroxyapatite tooth patch? And, how to disassemble a partnership

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

A team of Japanese researchers has adopted a thin-film fabrication technique from the semiconductor manufacturing world to create what they say is the world's first hydroxyapatite "tooth patch."

Because its composition is similar to that of tooth enamel, the microscopically thin, biocompatible film can be used for the regeneration and protection of dentine and could find other applications in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, according to the researchers. Read more in this latest Restoratives Community feature.

Meanwhile, in Hygiene Community news, a conference September 15 at the University of Pacific dental school spotlighted the evolving role of dental hygienists in the delivery of care, with particular emphasis on the oral-systemic health link. According to one speaker, if hygienists don't work to incorporate the growing evidence of this link into their practices, they will be forfeiting a key opportunity to define themselves as healers.

And finally, over in the Practice Management Community, most dental partnerships eventually reach a crossroads when it's time to assess whether the partnership should continue as is or if it's time for a change. What's the best-case scenario for all involved? Consultant Thomas Climo offers his advice, based on his personal involvement with dozens of dental practice purchases.