Umbie features practice management software at Yankee Dental

Umbie DentalCare is presenting its dental practice management application at the 2014 Yankee Dental Congress in Boston.

The cloud-based software is designed to be scalable for small single practices to a dozen in a chain for a flat monthly fee, according to the company.

The cloud-based approach enables dental office to eliminate onsite servers and their ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and update costs. In addition, the company sought to enable complete practice oversight that measures, monitors, and protects the practice, with remote access from any device with an Internet connection.

Umbie covers patient charting, billing, scheduling, imaging, patient data, and communication from one system. The Huddle component provides a direct connection between office staff and their daily responsibilities, but closes the loop with practice performance and patient engagement. The customized and secure remote access modules and role-based user privileges provide visibility for dentists, office managers, and patients.

In particular, the company touted the patient portal and its ability to build trust and engage patients.

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