Dentsply launches clear-aligner service in U.S.

The Raintree Essix division of Dentsply International has made its U.S. market launch of a new clear-aligner service center treatment.

The MTM (minor tooth movement) clear aligner took more than a decade of development and clinical testing. It combines proven chairside techniques with advanced digital modeling to provide clinicians with a streamlined solution for treating minor anterior misalignments, the company explained.

Company research shows that up to 50% of adult patients have some form of anterior misalignment that can be addressed by MTM clear aligner, the Raintree Essix noted.

MTM clear aligner is engineered to deliver the space and force needed to for tooth movement using a proprietary "open pathway" architecture that allows teeth to move into the desired positions. It uses integrated "force points" in the aligner to provide a greater range of tooth movements, according to the company.

Raintree Essix is offering a starter kit that includes discounted patient cases, a one-hour training course, and patient marketing materials.

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