Kerr TotalCare offers white paper on disinfection protocols

Kerr TotalCare recently rereleased a white paper that outlines current dental surface disinfection protocols. It offers healthcare providers a comparative overview and evaluation of disinfecting products and practices to increase compliance in the workplace.

The paper emphasizes that risks to workplace safety arise when workers are unclear on the limitations of a product, including which surfaces it is compatible with, potential toxicity on skin, required contact time for disinfection, and compatibility with other chemicals and materials.

The authors outline protocols for surface disinfectants that provide a safe, rapid effectiveness against tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, as well as products that are compatible with common dental office materials.

'We are excited to rerelease this white paper, a thorough investigation of surface disinfection, so that healthcare professionals can increase workplace safety and decrease the risk of pathogens for both patients and themselves," Kerr stated in a press release.

The free white paper can be downloaded from Kerr TotalCare site.

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