Mouthguards and concussions; can a private practice survive? And the Pew debate continues

Dear DrBicuspid Member,

How can a private practice survive? Advisory Board member Dr. David A. Landau looks at the changes in dentistry as a practice, and explains why a strong understanding of cosmetic restorative dentistry will continue to be an essential part of the evolving private practice. He also issues a rallying cry to deliver exceptional patient care as a blueprint for a practice to thrive. Read more of Dr. Landau's inspiring column here.

Have you been following the discussion about the most recent Pew study? In a Second Opinion column, Dr. John T. Powers responds to questions about the study that focused on how he integrated a dental therapist into his private practice. As with any report, the Pew study did not include every detail, so Dr. Powers wants to offer some additional information to help answer any questions. He also explains what he sees in his community and why the decision made financial sense. Read Dr. Powers lively and thorough response here.

What do you tell pediatric patients and their parents and coaches when they come to you for advice on using a mouthguard? Mouthguards protect the teeth and jaw, but do they guard against concussions or other head injuries? Read more here.

The Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting came to a conclusion this past weekend. Here are five notable things that stood out at this year's show for me. What stood out for you?

If you had an opportunity to ask dental experts any question, what would it be? Would it be related to practice management and growth? Would it be about specific clinical issues? Your questions will help shape our upcoming coverage, so let me know. Thanks.

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