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Welcome to the Partner Resource Center. This area is designed to help you, our sponsor partners, make the most of your online DrBicuspid sponsorship. You’ll find links to pricing, demographics and more as well as a series of articles designed to help you maximize your return on investment. If you still have additional questions, or can’t find something you need, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Partner Resource Articles

5 Short Videos to help you improve your eBroadcasts
These short videos are asummary of best practices, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your eBroadcasts all delivered in a short easy to use format.

7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design
In the last article, we talked about 3 reasons why you should be using landing pages. Here are seven common mistakes people make when building landing pages that will reduce performance and conversion rates.

The Power of Landing Pages
A landing page or a lead capture page is the page that appears after someone clicks on your online ad. It’s the page that continues or completes the message that you started in the ad itself, and that’s a key reason why you should be using them.

Making the most of the new banner ad formats
We’ve reduced the total number of ads on the page in order to clean up the experience for our members, and the new ad sizes will make it easier to tell your story in a creative way

Introducing the new Portrait ad format
In February 2013, all of the IMV Publishing sites (AuntMinnie, AuntMinnieEurope and DrBicuspid) will be introducing a series of three new ad formats to help reduce clutter on the site and help our sponsor partners engage more with readers.

Mismatched Goals
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, "How can I increase the click-through rate on my ads and e-mail broadcasts?" We’re usually quick to look at the intended audience demographics, the creative of the ads, or the offers involved. All of those are important, but something often overlooked is user goals versus marketing goals.

Lost in Translation...
Imagine spending hours to create the perfect print ad for a new product launch. You have created the perfect visuals and bold headlines. Finally satisfied that everything is perfect, you submit all of the materials to the magazine and sit back to see how your ad performs.

Agents of Change: The new wave of crawlers, spiders and bots
Search engine technology is one of the key factors needed to unlock the full potential of the Internet for users. In order to perform this Herculean feat, search engines rely upon an invisible army of powerful, automated software agents that go by many names, including crawlers, spiders, and bots (short for 'robot').

Defining your success
Success tends to be a very slippery term when it comes to defining how it will be measured. To get to a useful answer it's often necessary to take a step back and spend some time thinking about what are the key objectives that have to be accomplished in order to make your business successful.

Rich media: the power of being rich
The biggest problem with rich media ads up to this point has been their size and their impact on page download times. Typically, the more interactive the ad becomes, the "fatter" the file size. This can create problems because page view times take too long, people tend to move to another site, and the carefully planned ad experience is lost on the user.

Don't just give it away ...
A question I'm most often asked by our advertising partners is, "How can I make my online advertising more effective and increase the number of sales leads I get?" This can be a difficult question, but one answer that has proved successful for many of our vendors is this: Find something of value or interest to your audience and share it with them -- but don't just give it away.

Six tips to make your e-mail broadcasts more responsive
In your e-mail broadcast be sure you not only ask the prospects to take the action you desire, but make it easy for them to do it. Create multiple links that take them to the desired page on your site. That way, wherever they are in your message they won't have to look for the correct link. Whatever you do, don't simply create a link to your company's home page and expect prospects to go looking for the products they want to learn more about. Have your links point directly to the relevant products or services.

Three things to look for in your next online ad
Ads designed to gather leads need to have a clear call to action, as opposed to ads focused on increasing product or brand awareness. If your desire is to collect leads, then be sure your entire ad presentation and creative approach lead people to taking the action you desire. Often the call to action is simply tacked on to the end of the ad or animation, and there is no tie-in to the rest of the ad.

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