Texas dentist faces uphill U.S. Senate race

David Almeel, DDS, who won the Texas Democratic Party's runoff election this spring for the right to challenge incumbent Republican John Cornyn for one of Texas' U.S. Senate seats, faces a steep challenge financially in his campaign.

The Cornyn campaign has already raised more than $15 million (and spent almost $13 million), while Dr. Almeel's campaign had less than $75,000 on hand (based on the latest campaign filings cited), according to articles in the Dallas Morning News and other media outlets. Dr. Almeel has already donated or loaned more than $9 million to his campaign, with the majority of that coming during a hard-fought primary election against Kesha Rogers, who the Morning News identified as a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, the controversial political figure who has called for President Barack Obama's impeachment.

Dr. Alameel immigrated to the U.S. at age 20 and worked picking strawberries and pumping gas, according to the Morning News. After working through college and earning his dental degree at the University of Texas, he started a series of successful dental clinics, which he sold in 2009. He previously ran for Congress in Texas and has generously donated to both Republican and Democratic candidates.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, this race is the fifth most expensive congressional race this year.

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