New prescription toothpaste may aid treatment for allergic rhinitis

Biopharmaceutical company Allovate has signed an agreement with personalized medicine firm Restore Health for the exclusive rights to provide Allerdent, a new therapeutic toothpaste delivery system available by prescription for people with allergic rhinitis.

Allerdent is designed for daily use as part of a normal toothbrushing regimen and enables users with allergic rhinitis to incorporate immunotherapeutic allergy treatment into their routine activity.

The impetus for this oral mucosal immunotherapy came from the high dropout rates of people undergoing other forms of immunotherapy. The goal of incorporating the allergy treatment into the daily activity of toothbrushing is to increase adherence and create more effective outcomes, according to the companies.

Shara Rudner, RPh, director of the clinical trials group for Restore Health, partnered with the research team that developed Allerdent. The research results were published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (July/August 2014, Vol. 18:4, pp. 287-290).

"The research shows that using a toothpaste delivery system to treat patients with seasonal allergies is very promising," Dr. Rudner stated in a press release.

Study co-author William Reisacher, MD, a faculty otolaryngic allergist at Weill-Cornell Medical College, added, "This novel approach to immunotherapy addresses the underlying cause of allergies without disrupting a normal lifestyle."

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