Union Dental shows Q3 profit

Union Dental Holdings, a company that operates and manages a network of dentists throughout the U.S. for union members, announced its financial results for the third quarter, which showed the company returning to profitability.

For the quarter (end-September 30), the company reported a profit of $174,000 as income from operations on revenues of $918,500, compared with a loss of $38,000 from operations on revenues of $1.0 million during the same period in 2013.

Union Dental President and CEO George D. Green, DDS, stated in a press release that his staff was adjusting to the economic conditions nationwide.

"Our revenues were lower for the quarter as compared to last year, but we were profitable, as opposed to a loss for the same period last year on higher revenues, showing our staff can adjust to the volatile economic conditions our nation faces," he said.

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