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Welcome to the DrBicuspid-Snapshot™
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DrBicuspid-Snapshot™ is currently in beta testing. We welcome your feedback.

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to provide advice or portray actual results. Your practice metrics and goals may change, so you might want to revisit the calculator at least once a year.

Privacy note: We will not disclose individual practice information. In the future, we may aggregate information for comparison with other practices, while always maintaining individual practice confidentiality.

The formula used in the estimator was developed in collaboration with John F. McDonnell.

John F. McDonnell
John is the founder and a principal partner of The McNor Group.

He has been working with the dental profession for over 50 years. His career began as a dental supply sales person. In this role, he helped establish many dental practices and gained a first hand understanding of the business of dentistry. He later developed a consulting practice for a dental supply vendor which ultimately became his own business focusing on Dental practice sales, Practice management, Buyer Partnerships and Buyer representation..

John serves as the Principal of The McNor Group, providing a comprehensive range of services to dentist clients nationwide, specializing in dental practice sales and buyer representation. McNor continues to be the leader in transitions for dental brokerage services in the Mid-Atlantic region with a focus on Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. John is an experienced practice management and strategic planning consultant, and has helped thousands of dentists achieve high levels of success both locally and nationally . He is widely published in dental periodicals, particularly Dental Economics, where his articles have appeared more multiple times. He is a recognized speaker and lecturer on a wide range of dental topics.

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