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Many misconceptions exist about dental service organizations (DSOs), writes Dr. Sidney Schulz. He shared these misconceptions for years, until he took a clear look at why the DSO practice near his office was thriving and his private practice was starting to dry up. His transition is an interesting case study as to the changing landscape of dental practice ownership. Read our Insider Exclusive.

In other Business & Industry Community news, the five biggest large-group dental carriers in the U.S. together have reported almost $4 billion in dental premiums for 2017. But the difference between the top two companies on the list and the bottom three remains considerable. Using publically available information, illustrates the size of the dental insurance market in the U.S. and how two companies control much of the market. Learn more here.

Can a device really clean teeth thoroughly in 10 seconds? The creators of the newly developed Amabrush toothbrush think so and are going to put their creation through independent clinical tests to back their claim. The premise is to save users time by cleaning all tooth surfaces simultaneously with soft, vibrating bristles. Read more here.

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