Dental portal launches Dental Exam for dentists

SAN FRANCISCO -- PRNewswire-PRWeb -- Dental portal, part of Science and Medicine Group, has launched a new content section called Dental Exam that is designed to help dentists prepare for the new 2020 Integrated National Board Dental Exam (INBDE). Dental Exam is debuting at this week's ADA FDI World Dental Congress in San Francisco.

Dentists must pass a board certification exam in order to become licensed to practice dentistry or go on to an advanced dental program. The new 2020 integrated exam replaces the prior two-step exam and is designed to assess dentists' mastery of the skills and knowledge they have learned through years of education and training.

The certification exam can include hundreds of questions on human anatomy, disease conditions, and differential diagnoses -- for diagnostic challenges that could be caused by one of several disease states.

DrBicuspid's Dental Exam is designed to help dental students prepare for the new board certification exam with a bank of questions that are formatted to simulate the actual test. Dental Exam test questions are case-based and include relevant dental images and clinical histories, along with multiple-choice questions that test each participant's knowledge.

Dental Exam is also structured like the actual board exam itself, with categories that reflect the different components of the upcoming INBDE test:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Oral health management
  • Practice and profession

Dental Exam participants can focus on particular areas where they think they need help or randomize the question bank to be presented with topics from a variety of clinical areas. They can also choose to take the exam with a timer and suppress question answers and explanations to better simulate the exam environment.

What's more, Dental Exam is available for free to the entire membership of dental professionals.

"Emerging dentists can now test their knowledge and prepare for the new 2020 Integrated National Board Dental Exam," said Craig Overpeck, CEO of Science and Medicine Group. "We will continue adding questions to Dental Exam to make it an indispensable resource for dentists-in-training."

Dental Exam is being launched in beta mode at

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