Business & Industry Insider: Cybersecurity trends and tips to keep your data safe

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Cybersecurity has become one of the biggest challenges of recent years, and that challenge will only grow in the coming decade.

Healthcare organizations, including dental practices, have become the targets of choice for cybercriminals. Healthcare was the second-leading industry attacked by ransomware in 2018, it's expected to nab the top spot in 2019, and the number of strikes is projected to quadruple in 2020. Yes, this is a dangerous trend of which you need to be aware.

Keeping your data safe is paramount for every dental practice. But how do you do that? What trends are currently happening on the good (protecting your data) and bad (stealing your data) sides of the cybersecurity spectrum? What do dentists and dental teams need to know? These are some of the questions we tried to answer in our latest Business & Industry Insider Exclusive article.

Also in our Business & Industry Community, state-by-state dental rankings were recently unveiled by WalletHub. We were surprised by some of the results and think you might be as well.

Did you see that the Florida Board of Dentistry has closed its investigation into SmileDirectClub's business model and marketing practices? It's seemingly another victory for the clear-aligner company against traditional orthodontics.

Finally, many new products were unveiled at the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting, and the Business & Insider Community is a great place to get a rundown of what debuted in the Windy City.

Thank you for being a Business & Industry Insider! We wish you nothing but success in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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