Preble promoted to leadership role at ADA Practice Institute

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The ADA recently appointed Dr. Dave Preble as chief strategy officer and senior vice president of the association's Practice Institute.

Dr. Dave Preble. Image courtesy of the ADA.Dr. Dave Preble. Image courtesy of the ADA.

In the new role, Preble will work with volunteer leadership, national organizations, and ADA agencies to develop and implement a unified strategy for the future of oral health in the U.S. He will also oversee and collaborate with ADA agency leads.

Preble previously served in leadership roles during his 16 years in the association. He served as vice president of the Practice Institute, was the director of council on dental benefit programs, and was the director of the commission on dental accreditation.

Preble graduated from Georgetown University Dental School in Washington, DC, and the St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, FL.

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