Dentist saves woman overdosing near dumpster


A dentist in Oklahoma used the opioid poisoning reversal drug naloxone to save the life of a woman he found unresponsive near a dumpster where he was getting rid of his trash, according to a story published on May 22 on 2 News Oklahoma.

Dr. Keith Montgomery, who practices in Oklahoma City, tried to talk to the woman, who was lying on the ground. He shook her, called 911, and then grabbed the naloxone he keeps on hand. The drug revived her, according to the story.

Montgomery made sure he helped because he didn’t want this person's family members to get the same call he did about his daughter. Two days before her 31st birthday, Lea Marie, his daughter, who he believed had been sober for about four years, died after taking a pill at a party. Jerry LeFlore, the drug dealer who sold the $20 pill that led to the death of Montgomery's daughter was convicted of second-degree murder, according to the story.

With the fourth anniversary of his daughter's death nearing, Montgomery urges everyone to carry Narcan.

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