COVID-19 or dental work: What caused man's death from sinus thrombosis?
March 8, 2021 -- Imaging helped diagnose a COVID-19-positive man with cavernous sinus thrombosis, according to a recent case report. The condition may have resulted from his teeth being pulled; however, it could also have been caused by the novel coronavirus, clinicians found. Read More
International Women's Day: Q&A with 3 female practice owners
March 8, 2021 -- Women in dentistry -- especially practice owners -- are on the rise. In this column, Dave Bauer from UMB Bank interviews three female practice owners to discuss why this trend is happening and how the dental industry can continue to support and encourage strong industry leaders. Read More
Do's and don'ts for the pandemic in 2021
March 8, 2021 -- Although COVID-19 is still affecting our personal and professional lives, it is important to remember that the pandemic conditions will end. During this transition period, it is beneficial for dentists to focus on strategies that will strengthen the practice, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
95% of opioid prescriptions are for 5 dental procedures
March 5, 2021 -- Dentists wrote about 2.7 million opioid prescriptions to patients during a five-year period, according to a study published on February 23 in the Journal of the American Dental Association. About 95% of these prescriptions were written for five dental procedures. Read More
Searches for toothaches up during COVID-19 lockdown
March 5, 2021 -- The COVID-19 lockdown increased online searches for toothaches in Iran, according to a study published on February 15 in BMC Oral Health. Pain is seen as one of the biggest dental complaints around the world. Read More
COVID-19 pandemic spurs stress-related dental conditions
March 5, 2021 -- Dentists are seeing an increase in patients experiencing dental conditions associated with stress, such as teeth grinding, cracked teeth, and temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms, according to new poll data released by the ADA on March 2. Read More
School-based program leads to 50% drop in untreated caries
March 4, 2021 -- A school-based oral health program resulted in a 50% reduction in untreated cavities in a study of 7,000 elementary students in the U.S. The findings were published in the March issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read More
No one-size-fits-all solution for antibiotic resistance
March 4, 2021 -- There is no one-size-fits-all solution to tackling antibiotic resistance, according to a commentary published in the International Dental Journal. Instead, a variety of approaches are needed to craft tailor-made solutions for locally relevant factors that drive the unnecessary use of dental antibiotics. Read More
Dental x-ray used to read sealed 17th-century letter
March 3, 2021 -- Researchers used a dental x-ray scanner to virtually unfold and read a sealed letter from the Renaissance in Europe, according to a study published on March 2 in Nature Communications. This is believed to be the first time the technique has been used. Read More
What are the risks of counterfeit or DIY dental materials?
March 3, 2021 -- A Washington dentist elected not to follow the standard of care with endodontic cold vitality testing for patients. He allegedly swapped an approved refrigerant with an off-label product used to dust off computer keyboards. In this column, Dr. Michael W. Davis warns dentists not to make the same mistake. Read More
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