Where dental patients are being hit the hardest financially by COVID-19
April 8, 2020 -- The spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. has forced people across the nation to stay at home and embrace social distancing guidelines, pushing many businesses to close and leading an alarmingly high number of workers to file for unemployment benefits.  Discuss
One hygienist's view on the future of dental hygiene
April 8, 2020 -- In the first of a continuing series, we talk to a dental hygienist about what she believes the future of her profession will look like -- and which technologies will make a difference for hygienists in the future.  Discuss
The team approach to preparing the schedule for your return to practice
April 8, 2020 -- With so many questions surrounding the longevity of our current global situation in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, working your outstanding insurance claims is a must, writes Lynne Leggett of Victory Dental Management.  Discuss
What dentists should know about qualifying for an SBA loan amid COVID-19
April 7, 2020 -- During a pandemic, it's important for every dentist to understand what relief program best meets his or her needs, how to qualify, and how to apply. Mark Schmidt, CEO of Fund-Ex Solutions Group, has some advice that can help dentists wade through the vast amount of financial information currently coming their way.  Discuss
A dentist's guide to dealing with the uncertainty of divorce
April 7, 2020 -- When a marriage ends, you not only need to deal with the loss of the relationship but also must prepare for the emotional and financial tolls it will take on you and your dental practice. Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA, offers some thoughts and advice on a difficult subject.  Discuss
800,000-year-old tooth gives new details of human family tree
April 7, 2020 -- Genetic information from an 800,000-year-old tooth has disproved the theory that Homo antecessor, a species that bore a mix of modern and ancient facial characteristics, is the missing link that led to the humans that exist today, according to a study published April 1 in Nature.  Discuss
What to do during your dental practice's temporary closure
April 6, 2020 -- Taking the step to close your dental practice likely wasn't a decision made lightly. Unexpected events add stress to owners, employees, and patients. Kathy Edwards, RDH, has some advice on what should be happening now and what comes next.  Discuss
1st-year dental students love learning with skulls
April 6, 2020 -- First-year dental students in Hong Kong enjoyed learning about tooth and jaw anatomy more when their lessons included human skulls, according to a study published on March 29 in Anatomical Sciences Education.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for improving practice communication
April 6, 2020 -- Communication is essential to practice success. So, you should always be on top of how you communicate both with your team and with patients, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
Ideas on what to do with your time and brain while on dental hiatus
April 3, 2020 -- How are you working on yourself during these unprecedented times? Dr. Sheri Doniger has some advice for her fellow dentists on how to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic even stronger than before.  Discuss