COVID-19 made mental health worse for patients with oral pain
April 22, 2021 -- People with orofacial pain experienced higher levels of depression, anxiety, and psychological distress during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study published recently in Dental and Medical Problems. Read More
The single most critical factor in practice production
April 22, 2021 -- One of the most important questions in practice management is how to increase overall practice production. This question is critical because production ultimately determines the success of the practice. Read More
What does COVID-19 reveal about the oral health of older adults?
April 21, 2021 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has created disruptions at long-term care facilities, and these have created opportunities to transform oral health for older adults for the better, according to a report published by the Gerontological Society of America. Read More
How to strategically meet your cash flow goals for Q2
April 21, 2021 -- If you did not meet your goals for the first quarter of 2021, don't beat yourself up too much, advises consultant Lynne Leggett. She reviews some items so you can correct the situation and look forward to the second quarter of the year. Read More
Good dental health trumps antibiotics for heart infection
April 20, 2021 -- When it comes to preventing a type of heart infection caused by oral bacteria, good dental health is better than antibiotics, according to a landmark American Heart Association statement published on April 15 in the journal Circulation. Read More
Imaging helps cure eye cellulitis caused by dental abscess
April 20, 2021 -- Imaging helped lead to the diagnosis and treatment of a 2-year-old girl who developed the life-threatening condition orbital cellulitis due to a dental abscess. The details were published on April 9 in the Cureus Journal of Medical Science. Read More
Dental x-rays fall short for caries in baby teeth
April 19, 2021 -- Approximately one-third of caries diagnosed in preschool children using dental x-rays conflicted with assessments using oral exams alone in a new study published on March 31 in BMC Oral Health. Read More
Do's and don'ts for being a better leader
April 19, 2021 -- The skills of leadership are easy to comprehend. It's the implementation that creates challenges because that's when human meets human -- and human interaction can be complicated. To improve your skills, rely on simple concepts such as positivity and transparency, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
Kids think of dentists as superheroes -- and villains
April 16, 2021 -- Are dentists superheroes or villains? It depends on who you ask. About 50% of young children perceive dentists as a type of superhero, according to a study published on April 7 in the European Journal of Oral Sciences. But another 30% saw dentists as Batman's villain the Joker or as monsters. Read More
Dental Dose: Painkillers and COVID-19 vaccines
April 16, 2021 -- A patient comes in for dental work today. He got the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday. What do you do? "It's a Catch-22," said pharmacologist Tom Viola, RPh, in the latest episode of Dental Dose. That's because dentistry's favorite painkillers may also dampen the effectiveness of vaccines. Read More
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