Judge orders prison to get inmate oral surgery consult
February 21, 2020 -- A U.S. judge has ordered a Pennsylvania prison to get an oral surgery consultation for an inmate who has experienced pain from an impacted wisdom tooth for about half a year, according to a recent court opinion.  Discuss
Why hygiene is the cornerstone of practice success
February 21, 2020 -- The simple truth is that hygiene impacts every department. Hygienists also benefit when they realize that their department is essentially a business within a business, and they need skills in that area as well, writes Fred Joyal and Shannon Richkowski.  Discuss
Video: The difference one degree can make in your dental practice
February 21, 2020 -- Steve Jensen of Dental Intelligence believes certain practice management numbers can, when dentists and dental team members know them and how their business is growing or struggling, make all the difference between being good and being great. He talks about one of those numbers in this video.  Discuss
When dental implants are NOT the answer for your patients
February 20, 2020 -- Maximize dental implant therapy when it is your best option. Maximize Mother Nature when her solution is superior. This is the advice from Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for  Discuss
Proper clinical notes are necessary for dental claims payment
February 20, 2020 -- Clinical notes have always been a standard for creating narratives that get claims paid because they support the necessity for the services rendered. "If it isn't written, it didn't happen" still rules the courts when it comes to proper documentation of care, writes Dr. James Anderson.  Discuss
Endodontic trends to watch this decade
February 20, 2020 -- During the recent Seattle Study Club Symposium, nationally known lecturer Dr. Diwakar Kinra shared his thoughts on which trends will be important in endodontics in this decade.  Discuss
3 easy tips to improve patient comfort in your office
February 20, 2020 -- Are you addressing the often-overlooked components of patient comfort: the senses? What do your patients smell? What do they hear? What do they see? Consultant Andrea Greer has some thoughts on why the senses are so important for your patients when they are in your practice.  Discuss
Fla. dental assistant arrested for assaulting sedated teen
February 19, 2020 -- A dental assistant in Florida was arrested on February 13 for allegedly sexually assaulting a sedated 18-year-old girl that he was prepping for third-molar extractions, according to news reports.  Discuss
Fla. dental board closes investigation into SmileDirectClub
February 19, 2020 -- The Florida Board of Dentistry has closed its investigation into SmileDirectClub's business model and marketing practices, landing the clear-aligner company another victory against traditional orthodontics.  Discuss
8 reasons to try email encryption, electronic claim solutions
February 19, 2020 -- You likely have a solid understanding of why it's beneficial to migrate away from manual, paper-based processes in your practice, but have you considered a safe way to implement your day-to-day communications? Christine Alfano of Vyne shares eight reasons why you should adopt encrypted email and electronic claims attachment services.  Discuss
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