Virtual reality can decrease pain for pediatric patients
August 12, 2022 -- Want to reduce pain for your pediatric patients during painful or uncomfortable procedures? Try distracting them. In a study of pediatric patients, using virtual reality as a distraction reduced pain during rubber dam placement, according to a study published on August 6 in the International Dental Journal. Read More
It's time to redefine what it means to be a leader
August 12, 2022 -- When it comes to leadership, you can't simply apply statistics and numbers. It can't be taught in a webinar or an all-day seminar, and what makes a great leader is changing over time. Dr. Roger P. Levin discusses how you can be a leader for a new era of dental practice. Read More
Painkillers for acute pain may cause hurt in the long run
August 11, 2022 -- Challenging prior notions about inflammation and pain, researchers discovered a robust inflammatory response that appears to protect against chronic pain rather than contribute to it. The findings suggest suppressing inflammation to treat acute pain may hinder long-term pain relief. Read More
2 negative impacts of AI in dentistry
August 11, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) has quietly crept into every aspect of life, including the dental office. While AI offers many benefits to practices, researchers are warning dental professionals to be wary of AI's potential negative effects in a commentary published on August 9 in the Journal of Dental Sciences. Read More
Toothbrushing frequency linked to COVID-19 symptoms
August 10, 2022 -- In a study of more than 20,000 people in Japan, those who changed the time and frequency of their toothbrushing routine were more likely to have the three main symptoms of COVID-19, according to a study published recently in the International Dental Journal. Read More
10 reasons why dentists do -- and don't -- prescribe opioids
August 10, 2022 -- From witnessing a family member struggle with substance abuse to performing a procedure on a Friday, dentists have a variety of personal and professional reasons for their opioid prescription habits. A study in the Journal of the American Dental Association highlighted 10 major factors that influence dentists' prescription decisions. Read More
How to prepare for monkeypox in the dental office
August 9, 2022 -- Over recent months, monkeypox has reemerged in more than 88 countries. Researchers are encouraging dentists to implement droplet infection control measures, patient isolation, and referral during local outbreaks. Read More
Patient with cancer receives first 3D-printed titanium jaw
August 9, 2022 -- A patient with head and neck cancer received the first 3D-printed titanium lower jaw in a successful operation, according to an August 4 press release from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The jaw was reconstructed based on the patient's imaging. Read More
What you need to know about the use of sevoflurane in kids
August 8, 2022 -- Clinicians can use 8% sevoflurane to safely induce anesthesia in children despite anecdotal reports that the sweet-smelling anesthetic can cause seizurelike, jerking movements, according to a recent review published in Pediatric Anesthesia. Read More
Is having multiple ad agencies making you less efficient?
August 8, 2022 -- When it comes to dental marketing, employing several agencies could impede the marketing efforts of your group practice or dental service organization. Expert Rob Medina outlines six benefits of using one agency for your marketing needs. Read More