Dentist agrees to pay $135K to settle patient rewards scheme
February 26, 2020 -- A dentist and his practice in Massachusetts have agreed to pay $135,000 to resolve allegations that they operated an illegal kickback scheme in which patients won prizes, like Apple TVs and gift cards, for more appointments and referrals and led to improper reimbursements from the state's Medicaid program.  Discuss
Photos: Dental Excellence Awards presented to winners during Chicago Midwinter
February 26, 2020 -- presented the Dental Excellence Award trophies at the Chicago Dental Society's 2020 Midwinter Meeting. The annual awards recognize outstanding new products and services.  Discuss
The ins and outs of employer-sponsored retirement plans
February 26, 2020 -- Have you ever wondered how an employer-sponsored, qualified retirement plan would affect your dental practice? You have probably wondered about which plans are best and how to choose one. Certified public accountant Bruce Bryen offers his thoughts and some advice.  Discuss
Woman arrested for trashing dental office, hitting employee
February 26, 2020 -- A woman in Ohio was arrested for striking an employee and ransacking a dental exam room, forcing the space to be shut down to patients. An argument over dental services triggered the violent outburst, according to news reports.  Discuss
Oral surgeon ordered to pay $4M to accuser of assault while sedated
February 25, 2020 -- A North Carolina oral surgeon must pay $4 million in a civil suit filed by one of his former patients who accused him of sexual assault while she was sedated, according to news reports. The surgeon had been suspended from practicing since he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting about 20 patients while they were sedated.  Discuss
Don't settle for average: Achieve excellence in your dental practice
February 25, 2020 -- There are a lot of average dental practices out there. These offices do OK, but they're certainly not reaching their full potential. Don't let your practice fall into this category. Instead, focus on creating an excellent practice that truly stands out. When you do, dentistry becomes more fun and more profitable, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie.  Discuss
Dentist pleads guilty to $700K in Medicaid fraud
February 25, 2020 -- A St. Louis-area dentist has pleaded guilty to defrauding Illinois Medicaid out of about $700,000, according to news reports. He will lose his license to practice dentistry in the state and pay restitution as part of the consent decree.  Discuss
Study puts major intraoral scanner brands to the test
February 24, 2020 -- Which intraoral scanner brand is the most accurate for single-tooth impressions? Most systems came up short in a new study, published in the February issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association. Only one type of Dentsply Sirona scanner rivaled the accuracy of conventional impressions.  Discuss
Podcast: Tips to manage the negative people in your practice and life
February 24, 2020 -- How do we stop the negativity that happens so often in our places of business and lives? Often, we can't change the people who are negative, but we can certainly ensure that their impact on us is minimal at best. On a recent podcast, Editor-in-Chief Kevin Henry offers five pieces of advice that can help.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for social media: Plan social media
February 24, 2020 -- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media provide excellent opportunities for sharing news about the practice, giving valuable advice about oral health, and much more. However, it should not be done "on the fly," notes Dr. Roger P. Levin. Develop a plan, decide which team member will be in charge of handling social media, and establish your practice's online presence as soon as you can.  Discuss
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