Second Opinion: Dental therapists needed for oral health equity
July 30, 2021 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Steven Krauss offers his response to a commentary by dental thought leaders who proposed five strategies for using the Medicaid program to increase oral health equity. Krauss argues that employing dental therapists should also be a solution. Read More
Dental visits lag for publicly insured patients
July 29, 2021 -- By August 2020, privately insured patients were visiting the dentist at about the same rate as before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. But dental utilization still lagged by 7.5% for patients with public insurance. Read More
How procurement software can increase ROI
July 29, 2021 -- Procurement is a strategic business function that plays a role in practice success. Yet too often dental practices do not fully realize these benefits. In this column, Daniel M. Traub breaks down how procurement can boost your savings and return on investment (ROI). Read More
Dental impression material gets stuck in man's throat
July 28, 2021 -- A 71-year-old man ingested a nearly 2-inch piece of dental material that ended up stuck in the lower part of his throat while having impressions taken at a Kentucky clinic. The clinical report was published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. Read More
Dental Practice Made Simple: Raising your fees
July 28, 2021 -- Have you raised your fees lately? If not, now is the time, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin in the latest episode of Dental Practice Made Simple. A small increase can help your practice keep up with inflation for materials, technology, and staffing. Read More
Eating fish may protect men from gum disease
July 27, 2021 -- Eating fish may be linked to reduced periodontal disease in men, according to a poster session on July 24 at the virtual International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
Ex-dental office manager, spouse ordered to pay $3.1M
July 27, 2021 -- A former office manager and his husband have been ordered to pay $3.1 million in restitution to a dental practice in Indiana after they pleaded guilty to wire fraud, according to a July 23 statement from the U.S. Department of Justice. Read More
Researchers develop thermometer for gum tissue
July 26, 2021 -- Researchers from the ADA Science & Research Institute and National Institute of Standards and Technology developed a prototype device that measures changes in gingival temperature. They showcased the device at the 2021 International Association for Dental Research virtual meeting. Read More
Do's and don'ts for motivating your team
July 26, 2021 -- Regardless of the technique used, good leaders figure out how to motivate each individual and the staff as a whole. When team members are fully engaged in the success of the practice, they can accomplish great things, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin. Read More
Adverse events are common in pediatric dental patients
July 23, 2021 -- In a recent study, approximately 90% of U.S. pediatric dentists reported having at least one child experience an adverse event during dental treatment within the past five years. The findings were presented on July 23 at the virtual International Association for Dental Research meeting. Read More
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