What you need to know about at-home teeth whiteners
June 11, 2021 -- Stroll down the dental aisle at your local grocery store and you'll see an array of products promising to whiten your teeth. It's enough to cause decision paralysis, writes Dr. Teresa Yang. In this article, she breaks down the effectiveness of three over-the-counter whitening products. Read More
Observing rudeness while burned out equals dental errors
June 11, 2021 -- Witnessing rude behavior while feeling burned out may affect the mechanical skills of dental students, resulting in critical errors, according to a study published on June 6 in the Journal of Dental Education. Read More
Periodontal disease cost U.S. $154B in 2018
June 10, 2021 -- Periodontal disease comes with a high cost: The U.S. lost $154.1 billion in 2018 due to the condition, according to an analysis published on May 30 in the Journal of Periodontology. The loss was even worse in Europe, where periodontal disease cost the region nearly 158.6 billion euros ($194 billion U.S.). Read More
Becoming a proactive leader in the wake of a crisis
June 10, 2021 -- Being a proactive dentist means always looking for opportunities to enrich the practice. To recognize opportunities and be bold, one must be prepared with knowledge from the past, present, and future. Dr. James V. Anderson offers tips to help you do just that. Read More
Twitter users starting to embrace water fluoridation
June 10, 2021 -- Twitter users have started to get on board with community water fluoridation, with the number of supporters rising from none to 19% in five years, according to an article published on June 7 in BDJ in Practice. Read More
Dental hygienists experience verbal, sexual harassment at work
June 9, 2021 -- Dental hygienists experience a variety of inappropriate behaviors at work, including verbal attacks, sexual innuendos, and evaluation of their appearance, according to a study published on June 6 in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene. Read More
Dental Practice Made Simple: Setting production goals
June 9, 2021 -- One way to help you meet your practice performance goals is to set annual and daily production goals, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin. By increasing your practice production, you are ultimately increasing your practice performance. Read More
Pregnancy testing before sedation could manage risk
June 8, 2021 -- Implementing point-of-care pregnancy testing before dental procedures that involve the use of intravenous sedation could help manage practice risk, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Read More
Handheld vs. conventional x-ray: 3 things to consider
June 8, 2021 -- Handheld intraoral x-ray units should not replace conventional fixed dental x-ray machines, according to an editorial published on June 6 in Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology. Read More
Orthodontic wire leads to appendicitis in 11-year-old girl
June 7, 2021 -- A 2.7-cm orthodontic wire caused appendicitis in an 11-year-old girl in California, according to a report published in the August issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. Imaging revealed the wire and helped clinicians make the diagnosis. Read More
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