Dental hiring crisis podcast: The importance of training in today's dental practices

In this episode of the podcast, I once again sat down with Dr. Roger P. Levin to tackle one of the biggest and most important topics in dentistry: the current hiring crisis and how to ensure team members not only stay in the dental practice but in the dental industry as well.

Dr. Roger P. Levin.Dr. Roger P. Levin.

Below, you can hear Dr. Levin as he discusses the importance of training in dental practices. He emphasized the need to train team members to the highest level to improve practice performance and achieve financial independence.

Dr. Levin explained that training is essential in a competitive world with lower insurance reimbursements, increased competition, and changing patient preferences. He highlighted the importance of training hygienists on complete diagnosis and treatment options, delegating tasks to assistants, and providing clear job descriptions and checklists for front-desk staff. Dr. Levin also discussed different methods of training, including on-the-job training and implementing detailed management systems.

Podcast takeaways

  • Training team members to the highest level is essential for practice success and financial independence.
  • Hygienists should be trained on complete diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Delegating tasks to assistants allows dentists to focus on higher-level responsibilities.
  • Clear job descriptions and checklists are important for front-desk staff.
  • Training methods should include on-the-job training and implementing detailed management systems.

Key sound bites from Dr. Levin 

  • "For every dollar you spend on training, you might get seven or eight dollars back."
  • "Training is essential for any practice to remain successful."
  • "Production will be tracking 20% higher within 90 days when hygienists are properly trained."

You can hear the entire conversation between me and Dr. Levin by clicking here or hitting the Play button below. Additionally, you can catch up on past episodes of this series by going to "The Podcast" homepage on Soundcloud.

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