Occlusion and Function for Lab Technicians

Aug 26th, 2009Aug 28th, 2009
This two-and-a-half-day lecture will be given by Vernon "Buddy" Shafer Jr., CDT. This course has been developed as a primer for those technicians wishing to practice complete dentistry. This intense program has been designed to advance the knowledge and skills of intermediate-level technicians. The interactive lecture will include videos, slides, and discussion of the masticatory system, anatomic and functional harmony, the temporomandibular joint, centric relation, anterior guidance, envelope of function, the neutral zone, long centric, vertical dimension, the occlusal plane, occlusal stops, requirements for occlusal stability, instrumentation, and more. This course is a unique opportunity for technicians to learn about the function of the masticatory system in an environment just for technicians.
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