Maximizing business valuation in litigation: The power of early engagement

Michael Lehner
Michael Lehner.

In the realm of litigation, particularly in cases involving business valuation, timing is everything. This is especially true for dental practices facing legal challenges in which the stakes are high and the need for accurate valuation is paramount.

Far too often, attorneys wait until the eleventh hour to bring in valuation experts, limiting the depth and accuracy of the analysis. However, a strategic shift toward early engagement can yield substantial benefits for dental practices. 

By involving valuation experts at the outset of legal proceedings, dental practice owners and their legal teams can lay the groundwork for a comprehensive valuation process that considers the unique dynamics of the dental industry. Early engagement not only allows for a more thorough examination of the practice's financials, patient demographics, and operational efficiency but also provides valuable insights that can inform strategic decision-making. From partnership disputes to practice transitions, timely valuation is essential for safeguarding the interests of dental practice owners and ensuring fair outcomes in litigation.

Why early engagement matters

Imagine this scenario: A dental practice owner finds themselves embroiled in a contentious legal dispute, whether it be a corporate litigation matter or a marital dissolution case. In such situations, having a roster of qualified business valuation experts readily available can be a game changer. By initiating discussions with these experts at the outset of the case, attorneys and their clients gain invaluable insights into the valuation process and can chart a clear timeline for proceedings.

Early engagement not only fosters a deeper understanding of the nuances of the case but also empowers attorneys to craft targeted discovery requests tailored to the specific needs of the valuation process. Moreover, by preemptively securing the services of a preferred expert, attorneys can thwart any attempts by opposing counsel to retain the same expert, thereby maintaining a strategic advantage.

Beyond the courtroom, early engagement with valuation experts provides dental practice owners with valuable insights that can inform negotiation strategies and facilitate settlements outside of court. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the practice's value and strengths, owners can negotiate from a position of confidence, seeking favorable terms in partnership disputes, buyout agreements, or divorce settlements. Moreover, by demonstrating a proactive approach to valuation and compliance, dental practice owners may enhance their credibility and bargaining power during negotiations, potentially leading to more favorable outcomes and preserving valuable relationships with partners, associates, and stakeholders.

The importance of comprehensive discovery

At the heart of any robust valuation of a dental practice lies a trove of relevant documents and procedures specific to the industry. Beyond the standard financial statements and contracts, dental practices have unique elements that require careful consideration during the valuation process. These may include patient records, insurance reimbursements, fee schedules, and practice management software data. Proactive attorneys working with dental practices understand the intricacies involved and go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the practice is thoroughly examined.

Key documents such as financial statements, tax returns, and employment contracts provide a solid foundation for valuation experts to assess the financial health and operational efficiency of the practice. Additionally, access to patient demographics, treatment data, and revenue breakdowns allows experts to delve deeper into the practice's performance metrics. Moreover, insight into lease agreements for office space and equipment, as well as equipment inventories and maintenance records, further enhances the valuation process by providing clarity on the practice's assets and liabilities.

In the dental industry, factors such as patient retention rates, referral networks, and market competition can significantly impact the practice's value. Therefore, including marketing materials, referral agreements, and competitive analysis reports in the discovery phase is crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the practice's position in the market. Furthermore, considering the specialized skills and reputation of dental professionals within the practice, employment contracts for key staff members and noncompete agreements may hold substantial weight in the valuation process.

When valuing a dental practice, thoroughness is key. Proactive attorneys recognize the importance of leaving no stone unturned and ensure that all relevant documents and procedures specific to the dental industry are accounted for during the discovery phase. By taking into consideration the unique aspects of dental practices, including patient data, practice management systems, and market dynamics, valuation experts can provide a more accurate assessment of the practice's value, ultimately benefiting dental practice owners in legal proceedings and strategic decision-making.

Thinking beyond the basics

While traditional avenues of information gathering are crucial, forward-thinking attorneys recognize the value of thinking outside the box. In today's digital age, electronic records and social media platforms can offer invaluable insights into a business's operations and market standing. By leveraging these unconventional sources of data, attorneys can enrich the valuation process and uncover hidden nuances that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Furthermore, fostering open communication between attorneys and experts encourages collaborative brainstorming, allowing for the development of innovative discovery strategies. By asking the simple question, "Is there anything else my expert should know?" attorneys can unlock a wealth of additional information that could prove instrumental in accurately valuing the business at hand.

How this benefits dental practices

The principles of early engagement and comprehensive discovery hold particular relevance for dental practices facing litigation or valuation challenges. By proactively involving valuation experts from the outset, dental practice owners and their legal representatives can streamline the valuation process, mitigate potential disruptions to daily operations, and ensure a more accurate assessment of the practice's value.

Moreover, the meticulous gathering of relevant documents and information allows valuation experts to delve deeply into critical aspects of the dental practice, such as patient demographics, revenue streams, and operational efficiencies. Armed with this comprehensive data, experts can provide nuanced insights that reflect the true value of the practice, whether in the context of partnership disputes, buy-ins, or other legal proceedings.

The decision to engage valuation experts early in the litigation process is not merely a matter of prudence but one of strategic necessity. By embracing proactive engagement and adopting a holistic approach to discovery, attorneys can elevate the quality of business valuations, unlock hidden value, and ultimately secure favorable outcomes for their clients, including dental practice owners navigating the complexities of legal disputes.

Michael Lehner is the director of forensic, litigation and valuation services at Baratz & Associates, PA. A seasoned expert with 30+ years of experience, he specializes business valuations for various purposes, including shareholder disputes, matrimonial proceedings, acquisitions and sales of businesses, gift and estate planning, succession planning, and commercial litigation. He can be reached at [email protected].

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