Loyal Patients launches rewards program

Loyal Patients has introduced its Loyal Team Rewards program, an employee benefit program that enables dentists to reward their teams up to $10,000 a year in instant cash savings on more than 150,000 products and services for as little as $79 per month, according to the company.

Loyal Team Rewards is designed to reward dental team members for job performance critical to patient satisfaction and practice profitability. The program uses a patent-pending loyalty engine currently serving millions of customers of select Fortune 500 companies and features instant use of rewards for savings and no additional cost to add rewards to a team member's rewards account, according to the company.

After surveying dentists, team members, dental marketing and management consultants, and human resource consultants in dentistry, Loyal Patients identified 20 key behaviors practices agreed were critical to success, including perfect attendance, winning a patient's praise, closing a cosmetic case or other appropriate dental services, consistently scheduling a patient's next appointment, always asking for patient cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses, working evenings to fill the appointment schedule, consistently requesting full or partial payment, attending a continuing education class, sharing new learnings with the team, and more.

"During the recession, while many teams are working harder than ever, many offices find patients are deferring care and practices are coping with flat or even reduced monthly revenue, making it too expensive to increase salaries or pay employee bonuses," said Gary Serota, co-founder of Loyal Patients, in a press release. "This can devastate team morale, but Loyal Team Rewards enables a practice to generously reward solid job performance and thank their team, despite reduced production."

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