DentalEZ Group launches Dr. Practice blog

DentalEZ Group has launched its first blog for dental professionals and consumers.

Dr. Practice is designed to be a resource for all dental professionals and consumers seeking information and conversation about the latest industry issues, trends, news, and events, plus insight into new products and technologies being developed by the company. The blog will also feature interactive surveys and polls, videos, special promotions, tips for dental practices, and fun facts.

The blog was developed, and will be written, by several DentalEZ executive members and product managers under the alias of Dr. Practice, a fictional representative for the company who is well-known and regarded by the dental industry as the “voice” of DentalEZ. The blog will also feature contributed articles from leading industry professionals.

“The goal is to make our blog very current, comprising living, breathing posts presented in a conversational manner so that readers will want to respond and become a part of our blog community,” said Randy Arner, vice president of marketing.

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