Dos and don'ts for dental implants

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Implants as a standard of care

Based on their extremely high success rates, dental implants should be offered as a treatment option to every patient who is missing teeth. If every candidate for dental implants has the opportunity to have a complete implant consultation, they will often say "yes."

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Emphasize the benefits of implants. Patients want to know how they will ultimately benefit from having implants placed, and it is up to the doctor and dental team to highlight all the benefits provided by treatment. Patients appreciate learning how their lives will improve by having treatment. Statements such as "With implants, you won't have to worry about food restrictions" or "Your ability to chew easily will be restored" help patients understand the benefits.

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Don't get caught up in too many clinical details. Dentists may be quite happy that component parts for implants are much simpler now than they used to be. However, this will not make much of an impression on patients. Overwhelming individuals with excessive clinical information often confuses them, making it more difficult for them to make a decision. Their thought process shuts down and they are more likely to refuse the procedure.

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