Dos and don'ts for production growth: Help patients say 'yes' to implants

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It seems that most patients now know about dental implants and have at least a basic understanding of why they're better than alternative treatments in most cases. Yet the cost still stands as a formidable barrier. In conversations with friends, through online searches, and sometimes even from their dentists, many patients have concluded that, great as implants are, they're out of the question. For their sake (and yours), you should try to ease the sticker shock for patients you know are good candidates from a clinical standpoint.


Shift patients thinking from total price to affordable payments. Modern consumers think nothing of spending $20,000 or more for an ordinary car that will begin losing value significantly and steadily as soon as they drive it off the lot. Why? These car buyers know that they can make modest, affordable monthly payments. With financing from a reliable company, like CareCredit, implants can be just as affordable -- and they won't be trading them in on a new model in a few years.


Don't let patients think that implants are a luxury. By the same token that patients need reliable wheels to commute, shop, come to your office and do so many other things in life, they also need reliable teeth. Sure, implants look like natural teeth, but they're also more practical than bridges, dentures, or an unfilled gap. Make sure your patients understand that eating and talking in a natural way is not a luxury.

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