A new kind of balancing act

Editor's note: Sheri Doniger's column, Dental Diaries, appears regularly on the DrBicuspid.com advice and opinion page, Second Opinion.

As 2010 gets under way, I find myself pondering various resolutions for the New Year. Isn't that what everyone does this time of year? Resolve to do something better, bigger, different?

But what if we feel we are doing something just dandy? Oh, I'm not saying I'm perfect. Ask my children. They will recite a litany of the evils I bestow upon them on a daily basis. But in the grand scheme of things, with both of them reaching adulthood, while I may have been less than perfect over the years I do feel my husband and I did a good job of parenting.

Still, there's always room for change, whether at home or at work. Reflecting on the past year, while our patient flow was steady, we were affected like everyone else by the recession. Some patients had to leave our practice due to changes in their benefits or loss of employment. But there is still much dentistry to do, and we are happy with all the loyal patients we treat. In 2010, I resolve to continue to do my utmost to treat each and every patient ethically and morally, offering them options of care and seeking their consent prior to treatment. I also resolve to keep up my continuing education to further my practice and take my patients to even higher levels of care.

Other resolutions? Exercise, exercise, exercise, and my veiled attempt to continue on a path of dietary consciousness. I do exercise -- four times a week in a good week. And I do watch all my calories. But somehow it is never enough. So for 2010, I resolve to drink more water (yes, Milly, I promise). Actually, this has been an ongoing resolution, one that I will try to keep this year. Stay tuned.

I would also like to enjoy my family, friends, and patients more, while still allowing for some quality "me" time. So my ultimate resolution for 2010 is to make sure I make time for myself on a daily basis -- be it exercising, reading, seeing a movie, or walking on a beach. Quality time with yourself is so important to emotional well being, which reflects on everything we do.

So join me -- resolve to be good to yourself on a daily basis this year, and beyond. All good things will happen.

Sheri Doniger, D.D.S., practices clinical dentistry in Lincolnwood, IL. She has served as an educator in dental and dental hygiene programs, has been a consultant for a major dental benefit company, and has written for several dental publications. Most recently, she was the editor of Woman Dentist Journal and Woman Dentist eJournal. You can reach her at [email protected].

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