Dos and don'ts for implant success

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Interoffice communication

If you refer implant cases, a high degree of collaboration between your office and the specialist's office is critical. Without a strong focus on communication, the treatment process can easily break down between the referral, the consultation, and the surgical appointment.

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Collaborate. There is no dental procedure that calls for a dentist and a specialist to be in synch quite like implants. Both must be on the same page every step of the way. If you aren't, patients will pick up on that fact faster than you might imagine. The better the relationship between the offices, the better treatment will go.

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Don't send patients over without communicating with specialists. There is nothing worse than patients who decline treatment simply because they felt as if they had been lost in the shuffle between offices. When patients arrive at a specialist's office, information about a case should already be there. Patients shouldn't have to answer questions they already answered at their dentist's office.

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