Print, direct mail still valuable for dental practices

A diverse marketing mix that includes and addresses communication preferences of readers is essential to any marketing or advertising campaign, and print marketing and direct mail still remain an integral part of that mix, according to Patient News, a dental marketing and publishing firm.

"Statistics show that most marketers have found that online channels demonstrate greater value when distributed in conjunction with direct mail applications, reinforcing the value of print in the marketing mix," stated Karen Galley, president of Patient News, in a press release.

According to a research study by JWT BOOM and ThirdAge, 90% of baby boomer women surveyed have seen a print ad and later visited the online site, Patient News said. As women make more than 85% of all healthcare buying decisions, this adds up to significant business that can be attributed to print marketing such as newsletters, direct mail, or custom postcards, the company noted.

"Print is an amazing online traffic generator, and it delivers consistent response rates," Galley said. "People are more willing to try new brands than ever before, and those over 50 years old, the primary target for most of our dentists, are more likely than any other group to read and respond to direct mail pieces."

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