Ohio dentist powers practice with wind

An Ohio dentist has supplemented his energy usage with two wind turbines that will provide the practice with about 10% of its annual energy needs, according to a report by Fox 8 News.

William Davidson, D.D.S., installed the turbines -- which are 30 ft tall by 4 ft around and are manufactured of 80% recycled materials in Michigan by former autoworkers -- at a cost of $15,000 a piece in early September. A plan for wind energy on Lake Erie inspired him.

Winds stronger than 7 miles per hour are usually enough to propel the turbines more than 200 rotations per minute, the point in which electricity runs into the building. A gauge displayed on a computer screen allows Dr. Davidson to track their output.

Dr. Davidson said that so far feedback from patients and locals has been positive and that he hopes to inspire others. Last June, a Missouri dentist unveiled a similar plan utilizing a 50-ft wind turbine.

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