Curve Dental develops iPad app for patient forms

Curve Dental has developed an iPad app that allows dental practices to create check-in, medical history, and other types of forms for their patients to complete using an iPad.

Using the new Curve Questionnaire, patients enter information that is written directly to Curve Dental's Web-based dental software when they submit the questionnaire.

"We recognize that the iPad can change the way information is gathered in the dental practice," said Matt Dorey, founder and managing director of Curve Dental, in a press release. "The iPad represents an enhancement to a practice's professional appearance. How much more innovative and capable will a practice appear to the patient when they are handed an iPad to complete a medical history questionnaire rather than a clipboard and a stack of papers? And how much more efficient is the process of gathering and digitizing this information when it's collected using an iPad?."

Using the app, the dental practice can create any number of different forms or questionnaires, depending upon its needs. The practice can determine what questions to ask and how each question can be answered, whether with a yes or no response, multiple choice, or open-ended.

The Curve Questionnaire app will be available to all Curve Dental customers without charge.

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