Dos and don'ts for practice production: Practice performance

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Facing the reality of production declines

Many practices have suffered decreased production since the recession. However, it can be difficult to face this fact in your own practice. As the CEO of your practice, you have to handle the hard truth about practice performance -- even if the truth hurts.


Determine the state of your practice. A comprehensive practice analysis by an outside advisor is often the best way to determine where you stand. Once you know this, you can take steps to increase production and regain the ground you have lost.


Don't imagine things will just get better on their own. Some dentists try to reassure themselves with statements that sound less severe, such as, "We're just flat." Any practice that claims to be flat is actually in decline, even if no one in the office is aware of it. Don't be complacent. Take a critical look at your practice and be the catalyst of change. Remember that if you aren't growing, you're declining.

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