Study quantifies automated patient reminder impact

Automated patient appointment reminders have a positive impact on practice production, according to a study conducted by Sesame Communications.

The five-year study of actual performance data tracked confirmation and patient attendance rates of more than 21 million appointments scheduled at 491 practices, according to the company.

It found that in the first 36 months of implementing automated appointment reminders, no-shows were reduced by 22.95% in dental practices and 21.83% in orthodontic practices. These changes in schedule compliance drove an average of $31,456.88 in incremental production for dental practices and $105,322.80 for orthodontic practices, Sesame noted.

In addition to automated appointment reminders, the Sesame 24-7 platform provides patient marketing, financial past due e-reminders, and the ability to view and share treatment images and animations.

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