Dos and don'ts for increasing production fast

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Maximize practice assets

Every business needs to do more with what it already has. If there are fewer patients coming to a dental practice, then it will be incumbent upon that practice to identify and close more cases than in the past.

For example, 81% of dental appointments are single-tooth treatment, according to the Levin Group Data Center. To increase multitooth cases and elective treatment, practices will need to improve their systems for case presentation and case closing.

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Create more value. In response to the slow economy, people today want more value for their money. For dental practices, this means providing outstanding customer service, offering multiple financial options, and creating an outstanding patient experience while in the office.

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Don't overlook telephone management. The new patient experience begins with the first phone call to the practice. Make sure your team has the verbal skills and training to create a positive first impression.

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