Dos and don'ts for training

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A well-trained staff sustains the practice

The role of the practice team in sustaining the practice cannot be overestimated. By effectively preparing and leading the team, the dentist can give the practice the momentum needed to take ups and downs in stride. The practice will be in the best position to attain long-term sustainability, as well as immediate gains in productivity and profitability.

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Emphasize training. Training is not an event. It is an ongoing process. Whether conducted in-house using scripts to learn step-by-step protocols, in formal continuing education courses, or through expert one-on-one coaching, all staff members should be thoroughly trained to carry out their responsibilities confidently ... and cross-trained to fill in for others.

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Avoid delegating. As the primary practice producer, the dentist can raise production dramatically with the systematic delegation of virtually all nonclinical responsibilities to staff members. Just as important, delegation gives the practice greater flexibility in day-to-day operations, and it empowers the team to excel and take pride in their contributions.

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