Do's and don'ts for good teamwork: Guide your team toward success

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Your practice success is rooted in your team members. But they can't help you if you don't help them. Share your practice vision and ask for their feedback. Set the bar high for performance and offer training opportunities. Regularly provide encouragement and praise. By taking the time to take good care of your team, you'll help create a happy workplace and a healthy bottom line.


Work with other team members for smoother "handoffs." Usually, where your work ends, someone else's begins. These "handoffs" -- when patients, tasks or procedures are transferred to other staff members -- can be major sources of inefficiency and stress in a practice. To improve them, talk with the other staff members involved. Ask what you can do to make these transitions easier for them, and explain how those team members can make them easier for you.


Don't forget to cross-train all team members on all management systems. For maximum flexibility and cooperation, everyone on the team should be familiarized with all office protocols. This will not only enable them to fill in for each other but also give them a better understanding of how they can help make the work easier for others.

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