Dos and don'ts for increasing production: Turn 'maybe' into 'yes' with follow-up

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An untold number of cases are lost not because patients have rejected treatment but because there was no follow-up after case presentation. In the new dental economy, it's unrealistic to expect patients to make a decision on the spot -- especially for multitooth or elective treatment. If the patient leaves the presentation without making a commitment, you may yet gain acceptance ... but only if you follow up.


Have someone from the practice call the next day. After a presentation, the patient will very likely think more about what you presented and may even discuss it with a spouse or someone else. With a little more encouragement or information, you may get to "yes." Depending on the case, the follow-up call could come from front desk staff to schedule an appointment, the treatment coordinator to answer questions, or even the doctor to provide more advice and reassurance.


Don't stop with the follow-up call. Without becoming pushy, the doctor and various members of the team should remind the patient of unaccepted treatment when it seems appropriate. As time goes by, conditions change and a patient may become more interested in scheduling.

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