Carestream launches cloud software

Carestream Dental has launched a cloud version of its CS WinOMS practice management software.

CS WinOMS Cloud stores applications, data, and patient information under one virtual roof, giving dental teams access to the files they need 24/7 from any device with Internet connectivity, according to the company.

Sensitive patient and practice management files are backed up and maintained by Carestream Dental with HIPAA-compliant storage. CS WinOMS Cloud uses the latest version of the software so practices don't have to manually download upgrades.

Oral surgeons can expand their practice by adding new locations or additional users without paying for additional IT infrastructure. The cloud solution also offers financial predictability with monthly fees that include software cost, eliminating the need to buy separate software licenses.

CS WinOMS Cloud features several optional modules, including the EMR-Elite module, which provides a library of customizable templates for paperless documentation of patient records, consent forms, consultation, and surgical notes; a point-of-care module, which gives oral surgeons the option of viewing patient information on tablet PCs; a TruForm module that lets patients submit their own demographics, insurance information, and health history directly through a practice's website.

The software also integrates with Criticare monitors by monitoring and recording vitals in real-time so information can be compiled directly into patients' electronic records.

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