Week in Review: Top 10 dental service organizations | Rare abscess in chewing muscle | Save or splurge on 3D printers?

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Our top story of the week is our annual update of the 10 largest dental service organizations (DSOs) in the U.S. Heartland Dental continues to hold first place in our rankings, though it's not the only DSO to add new affiliates in the past year.

Rare masticatory muscle abscess after extraction

A 26-year-old man developed a very unusual infratemporal fossa abscess in a masticatory muscle following wisdom tooth extraction, according to a recent case report. The man made a complete recovery after drainage and a course of antibiotics.

3D printers: Save or splurge?

3D printing is becoming a staple of modern dentistry, and the technology is a big investment for practices. One recent study compared the accuracy of 12 printers to see whether a higher price point equates to better quality. The findings suggest that a printer with a higher price tag may not be more accurate than a budget printer.

Considerations for treating stoned patients

A patient comes into your office reeking of marijuana and appears to be stoned. What should you do? One recent commentary outlined the considerations for when it's acceptable to treat -- and not treat -- adult and teenage patients who appear high on marijuana, a situation more practices are likely to encounter as recreational marijuana use becomes legal in more states each year.

Technology Focus is back

Our Technology Focus series is back -- this time with a look at Premier Dental's new 4-in-1 oral care system Izzo. The system takes its inspiration from the dental office and the luxury beauty industry. In a video interview, Premier Dental President and CEO Julie Charlestein showcased the system and explained the rationale behind the company's unique approach to patient oral health.

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